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Maternal and Child Health
Management Center

  an international high-end maternal and
  child health service organization established
  by the brand of OFMOM (Hanmi Group) and DERAMA,
  star-level South Korean postpartum nursing center,
  which is headquartered in Korea.
- Currently, Maternal and Child Health Management
  Centers of CENTER OFMOM located in
  Seoul, South Korea, Beijing, China and Los Angeles,
  US and cooperate with local well-known medical
   institutions to provide all-round
  high-end care services for pregnant women and
  babies in the aspects of prenatal,
  postnatal and physical and mental health.

- CENTER OFMOM Maternal and
  Child Health Management Center
  continuously conducts research and
  strives to forge ahead for the health of
  pregnant women and babies.
- Currently, it has been committed to
  providing postpartum care,
  health management for new born babies,
  care for pregnant and maternal women,
  early education for new born babies,
  analysis of ingredients of breast milk and
  other diversified professional services
  for high-end pregnant and maternal women.

- As an important product terminal of the brand of OFMOM,
  CENTER OFMOM combines series of products of
  the brand with customers,
  which has enhanced customers' product experience in
  addition to providing more scientific data feedback,
  ultimately perfecting the industry chain of OFMOM to
  a high-end closed-loop of the industry with
  complete interaction and ecological balance.

Centre Ofmom

- Customized design and environment-
  friendly interior customized to mother and
  newborn baby care
- Customized design for the safety of moms
  and newborn babies based
- Environment-friendly materials used in
  consideration of moms and newborn babies
- Supplies fresh air by filtering polluted
  external air

Enjoy Centre Ofmom

- DERAMA post-natal care center which has
  become a basis of Centre Ofmom is the first
  specialized post-natal care center for VIP
  management in the industry established by
  professionals dedicated to post-natal care.

- one-sided or distorted management can be
  avoided while receiving systematic and
  scientific management
- High frequency management program
  personally designed by professional doctors
  with outstanding effects in post-natal
  recovery and weight reduction that have
  been scientifically proven

Centre Ofmom

- 1:1 close management in single rooms,
  customized service
- Chief of spa specializing in pre and post
  natal management for VVIPs dispatched
  from DERAMA Seoul
- recover the beautiful body shape before
  birth with tailored programs through
  systematic management depending on the
  customer’s condition