AAT Cattolica

Professsional probiotics laboratory in Piacenza, Italy
Foundation by Dr.LORENZO MORELLI
Ongoing project with discovering probiotics
for and from Asian baby.

Dr.Lorenzo Morelli

- Professor at the University of Piacenza, Italy
- Chairman of the Food Microbiology & Life Science Society
- Pioneer in research into the use of pro-biotics
- Co-author of FAO/WHO pro-biotic-related documentation


- No.1 Italian Milk & Dairy Group in Italy founded in 1957.
- Research collaboration in RTF baby formula

Hanmi Science Group

- No.1 Research and Development center in Korea
  (in pharmaceutical field)
- New drug development through stable investment into R&D
- Major research: - Pro-biotics Research /
  New Health Food Research

Lactalis Group

Research and manufacturing partner
in baby formula products