in 1973, from his experience as a well known
pharmacist, SK Lim founded a pharmaceutical
company called Hanmi, producing diarrhea treatment
medicine widely needed by public health.

As successful years continue
and many products were developed, in 1983 SK Lim and
Dr Brochu co-developed an original probiotics medicine which became the most clinically studied medicine in the category of probiotics
in history.

When SK Lim visited China in the 80's he found that there was
no children's medicine and they needed a safe diarrhea suppressant for public health,so he launched the brand Mamiai probiotics. Today, Mamiai has won many national top brand awards by press for the health of babies and mothers.

Working closely with infant care hospitals and doctors, through years of research on wide range of services and product and linking Europe, America and Asia, in 2005, Lim’s family launched a variety of consumable goods and foods for new born babies and moms, including Ofmom series.

Having been in the health and medical industry for about 50 years, Lim’s family developed the formula "ofmom" in a modern approach - partnering with globally capable groups and organizations. Closely working with local doctors and scientists panel opinions and regulatory safe regulations in Europe, America and Asia. During formulation, traditionally fresh ingredients and innovative world first inventions were both achieved, making it the only product that can be said to include both tradition and innovation, according to the "centre ofmom" research center’s long term experience and research.

Ofmom brand story

in 1983 SK Lim and Dr Brochu
co-developed an original
probiotics medicine

"centre ofmom" research center