Service Foods

Italian premium
liquid milk, Ofmom

- Focuses on supplementing lack of nutrients
  due to an unbalanced diet
- Calcium and Vitamin D that help bone growth
- Iron that heightens cognitive development

Mamiai HU
infant formula, Ofmom

Dual-protecting force to add vitality for baby

- Good milk powder is derived from good pasture with 100%
  French imported with original tin and packaging
- Build dual-immunity defensive line in the baby with natural
  resistance nutrition formula of Natura-defenseTM specially.

Mamiai HUI
infant formula, Ofmom

Attain five-vitamin nutrition intelligently to
open wisdom future of baby.

- European imported milk source,Five-vitamin nutrition
- The long-chain FOS and short-chain GOS prebiotics provide
  a healthy environment for baby’s intestinal tract to maintain
  normal intestinal function to make baby’s faeces softer.

Mamiai JIAN
infant formula, Ofmom

Optimize and balance staged
nutrition to guarantee each
step of growth.

- Imported milk source
- 6 intelligence factors (DHA, ARA,
  linoleic acid, taurine, α-linolenic acid and
  choline) promote brain development
- 3 vitality factors of calcium, ferrum and
  zinc promote baby’s athletic ability.

Ofmom™ active probiotics powder

Baby formula mate

- To optimize the baby's intestinal microflora
- Promote the nutrition absorption
- Improve natural immunity